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Engaging our in-house project experts in the earliest phase of inception helps you to minimise risk and optimise returns in a variety of ways:

• Bayleys assists with identifying and acquiring bare land suitable for development

• Supporting development objectives with master plan briefing, critical market analysis, efficiency and sell-down initiatives

• Customer identification and understanding of market dynamics to inform product specifications and price thresholds

• Live reporting lines ensure maximum resource efficiency



Once we have confirmed the positioning of your project, your Bayleys Projects team will begin to develop a bespoke marketing strategy. This is focused on creating a sense of place and image that results in a high-quality brand position, name and recognition, thereby creating a premium in the marketplace.

• We set a comprehensive budget and timeline for marketing activity, utilising Bayleys’ buying power to access competitive advertising rates.

• Implement all portfolio marketing, manage advertising production, placement and direct mail marketing to provide a competitive market edge.



Bayleys Projects has a dedicated specialist off-plan sales team selected for their depth of specialised experience and fit with your target market. Working in partnership with you, we set sales targets and develop a solid strategy for achievement and delivery.

• Can execute a seven-days-a week sales campaign, managing all components on the ground.

• New Zealand’s largest full-service real estate agency with international connections.

• Strategy-based thinking identifying best-use practices and sales methodology.