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Stations align for pastoral returns

Matanui and Huiarua Stations, inland from Tolaga and Tokomaru Bay north of Gisborne offer a combined area of 6,212ha spread across a range of country, including a significant area of rolling country, all well supported by a high standard of farm infrastructure.

Bayleys Gisborne rural salesperson Simon Bousfield says the properties of the scale and spectrum of Matanui and Huiarua are rarely available proximity, and access between boundaries provide potential for combined operation or single ownership.

“With almost 40 years of ownership by the current owners, these properties are a testimony to what good stewardship and careful re-investment can deliver, capitalising on the properties’ natural assets of generous rainfall and strong soils,” he says.

The 4,912ha Huiarua station offers superior finishing country not easily found in all regions, including vast tracts of rolling, cultivatable country which has been subject to extensive improvement over the past years.

The rolling country shifts to a medium-steeper contour towards the rear of the property, with some of the steeper country already planted in both native and exotic forestry.

Access throughout the station is assured, via a well maintained network of tracks and stock lanes, and building infrastructure includes a quality 10 stand wool shed and night pen, with a second wool shed at the farm’s centre.

To capitalise on the investment in fertiliser and re-grassing, all defined by a high standard of fencing subdivision, the owners have also installed a reticulated water supply that extends through most of the property.

The sheep:cattle ratio on Huiarua station stands at 55:45, with the property running 9,000 ewes and 8,300 two-tooths and hoggets this season, while the majority of the cattle includes 1,200 cows and heifers. This year 20,545 lambs were born, and 1,064 calves.

“Huiarua has been well managed, with its team of seven staff all accommodated in the station’s multiple homes, with the district school located on the farm.”

Adjacent to Huiarua, 1,200ha Matanui station is operated as an intensive beef operation. Its 800ha of easy-medium country, reticulated water system and generous annual rainfall provide an ideal production platform, and compliment to neighbouring and extensive Huiarua station.

Geared towards its intensive beef operation with at 30:70 sheep to cattle ratio, the property has multiple sets of stock yards well positioned throughout, with fencing to a high standard and subdivision to leverage off the reticulated water supply.

Sitting between 440m and 600m above sea level, Matanui enjoys generous 1500mm of rainfall a year and a reliable summer safe growing climate.

This year the station is running 1,700 head of cattle, comprising largely of two-year bulls and steers, and 2,600 ewes, with a five-year average of 12,230 stock units.

Matanui is farmed in conjunction with an estimated 300 ha (effective) lease block adjoining the property, extending along its northern boundary. This lease may be available for assignment to purchasers.

The property achieves a good balance between its easy pasture country and steeper pockets, with almost 80ha in production forestry and some country in wetland area.

Staff accommodation is centrally located on the farm together with the property’s main buildings. Infrastructure includes six stand woolshed, implement shed and workshop. The property’s airstrip has been integral in ensuring regular applications across the station’s entire pasture area, and in servicing adjoining Huiarua station over the years.

The stations enter the market at a time when protein returns are at a historic high, and prospects for continuing strong prices for New Zealand sourced red meat are looking positive in years ahead, injecting a renewed level of optimism into the sector.

For anyone wanting to capitalise on the great position New Zealand red meat production is in, these properties offer that opportunity, whether it is separately or together.

“As a complete package they provide plenty of working options under single ownership, while individually they are well positioned to stand alone, with the hard work done and major capital investments ensuring they can start paying their way from day one,” says Simon Bousfield.

The properties are for sale by tender, closing Wednesday, 8th December 2021 (unless sold prior).

**Interested parties can contact **
Simon Bousfield
**M: +64 27 665 8778 **

Stephen Thomson
**M: +64 27 450 6531 **

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